Credit/Debit Cards

credit cards

When traveling abroad, remember these 3 tips pertaining to your credit and debit cards:

  • Alert your credit card companies and your bank that you will be traveling internationally. They’ll add a ‘travel notification’ to your account so that it won’t be tagged for fraud when you try to purchase those incredible Swarovski crystal earrings in Vienna for your mother. It takes just a quick conversation with a representative and some companies have this option right on their website or mobile app.
  • Don’t forget to make a copy of the front AND BACK of all your credit/debit cards traveling with you. In the event that your card(s) is lost or stolen, you’ll be able to quickly reference your copies for the phone number of your credit card company or bank to report the incident as quickly as possible.
  • Many credit card companies charge a foreign transaction fee (around 3%) when using your credit card for purchases abroad. A quick tip to avoid this fee is to ask the merchant to charge you in US Dollars instead of the foreign currency of the country you’re in. If they’re able to, you’ll be able to bypass this extra charge.

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