Halló Iceland – Day One: Reykjavik

We arrived in Reykjavik at 6:00am local time after a long 6.5 hr flight that was somewhat uneventful, sans the drunk college girl in the row in front of us who un-apologetically dumped her can of beer on the floor, soaking Syd’s foot space and drenching her new $100 Bobby in beer. Thank you, Universe, for baby wipes and for giving me the good sense for tucking a package in my own Bobby for the plane ride.

With little sleep, hungry bellies, and a whole day ahead of us, we wandered the narrow cobblestone sidewalks of Old Town Reykjavik while we waited for our hotel room to come available. While walking, we happened upon a sweet little breakfast buffet at Apótek Kitchen and Bar. The coffee was good, the bacon even better, and the locals…the kindest. One of the first things I noticed as we walked the quiet streets early in the morning is how peaceful and charming it is. Bearing an authentic seafarer’s character, Reykjavik will celebrate their annual Seaman’s Day this very weekend, which has been celebrated in Iceland since 1938 to honor those who work at sea and in the fishery. It feels rejuvenating to be in such an honest place.

Once we took the rest of the morning to catch up on our sleep, we hit the streets again with a refreshed set of eyes and legs. This time of day, the streets were busier and much more lively. We spent some time in the City Center watching the local boys with their skateboards, tried our first Icelandic hot dog (thank you for the recommendation, Julia!), and indulged in some chocolate dipped cones.

After scoping out our pick up location for tomorrow’s adventure and quite a bit of shopping, Syd is on her second nap of the day. The cold, 45-degree sea air chilled our bones and while she cozied up under the down comforter and fell fast asleep, I took the opportunity to log this first day of discovery in Iceland. I’m hopeful that I can get her up for one last outing across the street to The Drunk Rabbit, the only “proper” Irish Pub in all of Reykjavik, for some fish and chips.

Enjoy some of our favorite photos from the day..

The Grill Market Restaurant
Hillgrimskirkja Cathedral


Landakotskirkja Cathedral
In front of Reykjavik Harbour


The long-view of our hotel – City Center Hotel



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