Ecuador – Day Eleven: Dos Chorreras, Guavidula, and Iguana Park

Between Cuenca and Guayaquil lies an old mountain town along the original road between these two cities. The town of Guavidula sits in view of Guavidula Mountain and was a haven along the way for weary travelers to get rest and food before they continued on. Among the buildings is an old gold mine that was in operation from 1926-1932 and we had the rare opportunity to receive a tight, crouched tour through the old mining tunnels.

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Dos Chorreras, a resort and trout farm was built along this old road and the owners provide tours of the old buildings to tourists who visit the area. We had a delicious lunch here and in the true spirit of trout farming, they served us grilled trout for lunch.

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At 12,000 feet on a windy day, we didn’t spend too much time watching the fish. But I was able to get a few more pretty photos of this property.

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After a two hour bus ride, we finally arrived in our final city, Guayaquil, in time to check into the Palace Hotel and seek out a place for dinner. Just when I think I’ve had my fill of chicken and rice, I find myself ordering again.

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Right across the street from our restaurant is Iguana Park. As its name suggests, this park is full of iguanas…hundreds of them. I tiptoed in and wasn’t sure what to expect but sure enough, once you find one, you’ll then see them all. They were EVERYWHERE…on top of trees, on branches, on the side walks, crawling over turtles, on the rock wall, hugging each other, you name it. It was a place I visited as briefly as possible.

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